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Meet Evolve Benton

From hustling as a DEI manager at the top medical school in the United States to helping Speaking 4 Profit University students make over $3 Million from public speaking and consultation, Evolve Benton is your go-to for turning dreams of speaking on stages into realities.

Evolve is not just talking the talk; Evolve walked the walk, and they got the roadmap for you to do the same.

Evolve is the author of SIR Poetry Dedicated to BOIhood and Black Queer Love. They are the executive director of the film BOI DOC and have trained over 100 organizations worldwide to prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Evolve is on a mission to help you and other diverse speakers write your own success stories and get financial free.  


In a jaw-droppingly short time of less than three years, Evolve hit some major milestones:

  • Quit their 9-5 and started speaking and coaching full-time

  • They moved cross country and purchased their first property in Atlanta Georgia

  • Named top 10 public speaking coaches in the world by Yahoo Finance

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Discover the 5 Figure Wealthy Speaker and Consultant Strategies that are Missing from Your Business in only 5 Days

During this 5-Day class, I will teach you my "5 Figure Sales Secrets" to book more 5 figure gigs without wasting your time sending cold emails. You will learn how I attract top companies worldwide, grow my credibility, and do most of it virtually.

Get practical and applicable training on the tools and automation I use to create my sales system. I will break down easy-to-follow steps on software programs such as The S4P Lead Gen App, Kajabi, Talk a dot, and Calendly.

Learn the exact sales strategies that allowed me and my clients to earn over $2 Million without using a PR agent. When I started implementing this new process, it allowed me to stop speaking for free or low fees. Each day I will break down a new strategy for you and show you exact examples of how I am doing this.

The fastest way to a 5 figure speaking and consulting business with powerful sales solutions and the quickest way to create this system is through the "5 Days to 5 Figures" Challenge! How fast? Just 5 days!

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This self-paced membership program contains EVERYTHING you need to become a wealthy speaker.

Weekly Access: Log in to your portal for our WEEKLY IMPLEMENTATION plan, filled with video training and actionable steps to enhance your marketing, presentation skills, and contract negotiations.

Monthly Themes: Stay ahead with monthly themes focused on the latest trends and monetization strategies.

Rich Resources: Explore additional videos and resources in the portal to further grow your business.

Community and Support: Join our online community for daily support, accountability, and success sharing. Plus, enjoy monthly LIVE Q&A sessions with Evolve Benton for personalized business guidance.

Diverse Learning Topics: Learn about attracting top-tier clients, crafting your signature talk, going live effectively, negotiation skills, building a money mindset, and much more.

Join us today and start transforming your expertise into a thriving business alongside a community of like-minded professionals!


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Speaking 4 Profit Academy

Led by business coach Evolve Benton, Speaking 4 Profit Academy empowers and supports established speakers and consultants to grow a past $100,000/annually. 

This 12-month do-it-with-you program helps you establish the implementation tools to move from solo entrepreneur to CEO.

We provide you with a roadmap to negotiate five-figure contracts consistently.

Using our innovative lead management app, we will reach out to 500 decision makers a month for you on your behalf so you never have to worry about looking for new opportunities to speak and consult again. 

This program prepares you to establish a full-time speaking/consulting business in 12 months. 

Speaking 4 Profit Academy is not for you if you are the following: 

  • A new speaker or consultant
  • Have never been paid to speak 
  • If you are in financial hardship 
  • If you are not prepared to speak and consult full-time 
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S4P Alumni Making an Impact

Dio Aldridge

CEO / Founder - Chosen Collective Consulting

“I learned the importance of naming your price. It will come if you ask.”

Meckell Milburn

Owner & Founder - Revolutionary Healing

“S4P has has immensely helped me stand firm in my prices and be clear about the amount of energy I am putting into a speaking engagement.”

Zami Tinashe Hyemingway

CEO / Founder / Holistic Coach - Spiritus Wellness
“Since the S4P course I’ve been able to generate enough income and secure large scale contracts that allowed me to leave my job within a year of completing the Beta S4P class.

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