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Speaking 4 Profit University

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Our Core Purpose is IMPACT

Our programs and elite coaches empower diverse leaders to establish their voice, elevate their impact and increase their income through public speaking and educational consultation.

S4P Academy

Led by business coach Evolve Benton, Speaking 4 Profit Academy empowers and supports established speakers and consultants to grow from 4 to 5 figures in revenue monthly. 

We help you establish the implementation tools to move from solo entrepreneur to CEO. We provide you with a roadmap to negotiate six - figure contracts consistently. This program prepares you to establish a full-time speaking/consulting business in 6 months. 

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The Wealthy Digital Society

An invite only program that helps S4P Academy alums scale their business through elite team building, and digital product creation (online course, coaching programs, and other asynchronous online content). We uplift our members with branding/marketing training, sales team creation, content creation labs, profit-first financial literacy training, and action-driven one on one coaching.

S4P Alumni Making an Impact

Dio Aldridge

CEO / Founder - Chosen Collective Consulting

“I learned the importance of naming your price. It will come if you ask.”

Meckell Milburn

Owner & Founder - Revolutionary Healing

“S4P has has immensely helped me stand firm in my prices and be clear about the amount of energy I am putting into a speaking engagement.”

Zami Tinashe Hyemingway

CEO / Founder / Holistic Coach - Spiritus Wellness
“Since the S4P course I’ve been able to generate enough income and secure large scale contracts that allowed me to leave my job within a year of completing the Beta S4P class.

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