5 Days to 5 Figure Speaking Challenge

S4P Alumni Making an Impact

Cicely Hunter

Public Historian - Missouri Historical Society

“S4P taught me how to grow my network and increase visibility about what I do.”

Dante Alencastre

Filmmaker - Dante Alencastre LLC

“I learned how to maximize the use of my Linked in contacts, and hire a virtual assistant to help me with outreach to create opportunities to screen my work.”

Akilah Shaheed

Author / Birthworker

“S4P taught me how to get rid of imposter syndrome.”

Kris Mereigh

CEO, Founder - Institute for Equitable Well-Being

“ I learned, do not be afraid to leverage your community and be paid for your value.”

BX Barclay

Rhythm Strategist & S4P Senior Client Success Coach

“I learned the power of follow through and follow up in audience building as well as lead management.”

Opulence Abundance

Psychosomatic Coach

“S4P taught me to know my value. The information around negotiating contracts was so helpful.”