Even if you’re just starting out speaking and don’t know which topic to pitch yet.

(No cold emailing, PR agents, or expensive speakers bureau)

🎙️Yes, I want to Get Paid $3k-$5k to Speak.

Imagine having the exact blueprint to help you land $3k+ speaking opportunities…
What would that do for your business?

If you're like the most diverse speakers and consultants I speak with, you'd like to earn a bigger income in 2024.

But there's just one problem: You haven’t become a problem solver yet and the go-to person in your niche.

And not just any problem... In order to grow your speaking business, you need to know the problem, solution, and industry you are impacting.

Once you have become an effective problem solver you have all the tools to put together a profitable speaking offer.

The truth is, most speakers and consultants have never put together an offer like this. In fact, they don't even know where to start!

That's why I have developed the Highly Paid Speaker Bundle, guaranteed to help you:

1) Stand out from the huge crowd of speakers and consultants
2) Attract organizations who are begging for your help
3) Take on new high-paying clients monthly

This process is called Wealthy Speaker Ecosystem and it's so simple that it works for any speaker who wants to book a $3k -$5k contract.

🎙️Yes, I want to Get Paid $3k-$5k to Speak.

Will The Highly Paid Speaker Bundle Work For You?



The Highly Paid Speaker Bundle is for speakers, consultants, healers, activists, and influencers who want to attract high-paid contracts. 


This is for speakers who want to up-level their business marketing and speaking skills without the use of out-of-date cold emailing tactics or an expensive public relations manager. 


As an ideal candidate, you already have experience (in-person or online) helping people by speaking and consulting. Plus, you know you can get organizations massive results.


🎙️Yes, I want to Get Paid $3k-$5k to Speak.

Here's Everything You Need

To Succeed and Get Your First or Next High-Paid Speaking Contract

✅ Crafting Your Signature Talk Masterclass - My step-by-step guide to putting together the best talk over and over again so that event organizers always invite you back. A framework on how to write your talk with confidence, clarity, and the power of storytelling.

✅ The Six-Figure Consultant Masterclass - My step-by-step guide on how to book multiple $100,000 consulting contracts without years of experience.

✅ The Paid Speaking From Home Masterclass- I will break down how to secure a $ 3,000-an-hour speaking contract from your home office.

✅ The Get Paid to Speak at College Campuses Masterclass - I have over 10 years of experience in the higher education sector. This masterclass is my step-by-step guide on how to build relationships with college campus organizations, the exact titles to look for, and how to get booked to speak.

🎙️Yes, I want to Get Paid $3k-$5k to Speak.

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